Last changed 04 March 2018, 8:15 UTC

Jury Notice Board

'Juryboard' is a free service for regatta protest committees and juries to use an online protest hearing schedule and RRS 42 penalty recording.
If you want to use this system, send an email to: and we can quickly set it up on a sub domain here.

NEW from August 2014: Twitter integration; the system can tweet when changes are published, it looks like: : Updates published to the protest page on 05.08.2014 at 20:28:05 +0700.
The twitter account to follow is @juryboard
This feature is optional and can be switched on and off on the admin pages

NEW from December 2016: A link to the full protest document can be published with the protest schedule.
While the system is not (yet) storing the protests itself, you can use a free download system like Dropbox, woelkli or similar and use the public link in the system for users to download the whole protest.

NEW from July 2017: The system now used CSS grid layout for mobile, making the public output a lot more mobile friendly.

List of regattas which used this system:

Juryboard is developed by Peter Scheuerl, a web developer and World Sailing international Judge.

The service of the program on this domain is free, but as it is quite some work to develop the system and it's constantly improved, any sort of financial support or sponsorship would be appreciated.